Toronto – SkeduleX Cloud Service 2.0 Released

The introduction of Skedulex Cloud Service 2.0 has provided the Healthcare Therapy industry with greater flexibility and pricing options. “With Skedulex Cloud Service, our clients can now choose a solution that is most suited to their needs and budget: client hosted, cloud hosted or an on-site solution.”With our pay-as-you-go model there are no large, upfront investments in hardware or software. Since Skedulex Cloud Service s a fully integrated solution, most companies pay very little for customization charges, making Skedulex Cloud Service affordable. We save you time, money and eliminate most of the common challenges associated with upgrading your software or a new installation.


Health Service Providers’ Compliance “unacceptable” – FSCO

The Financial Services Commission of Ontario, FSCO,  issued a stern warning to Health Service Providers, last week, calling compliance levels in the sector “unacceptable”, and threatening to take punitive actions against offending organizations. Such actions could include monetary penalties, suspension, or license revocation.In its newsletter to the sector, FSCO said its “Findings from the Financial Services Commission of Ontario’s (FSCO’s) 2015/16 on-site examinations show a 15 per cent full compliance rate for the health service provider sector, which FSCO considers to be unacceptable.” By comparison, other sectors regulated by FSCO maintain over 90 per cent compliance levels.