Hcai software notice of system maintenance

Hcai software notice of system maintenanceSpring System Release 3.17 for HCAI SoftwareHCAI’s spring 2017 system release, Release 3.17, will be available on May 1, 2017. Updates in Release 3.17 include:New search fields in the User Management screenStreamlining the HCAI web interface by removing outdated and unused functionsContinue to support newer versions of web browsersNone of the changes included in Release 3.17 will impact PMS vendors.


Protecting your Client Data is Smart Business

Protecting your Client Data is Smart BusinessClient Data or PHI security is one of the biggest challenges facing healthcare companies. With the ubiquity of technology, today’s therapist employs several device in her daily routine. The constant transfer information from one program to another assumes that the security provisions and internet connectivity are adequate. In many cases, it is frighteningly not the case.Just alongside the productivity gains spawned by technology, are cyber predators who actively engaged in stealing valuable information, using malware (including various forms of viruses, worms, Trojans) as the tool of choice.


Mandatory Form 1 submission to HCAI set for October 

The Assessment of Attendant Care Needs Form (Mandatory Form 1) must be submitted through the HCAI system, starting October 1, 2018. The current paper submission will give way to an electronic submission, taking HCAI one step further along the compliance path for PHI Data transfer. The objectives of the change were twofold:To make it easier for healthcare providers to submit and track the document.To improve insurers’ ability to monitor and adjudicate claims.To improve PHI transmission compliance in accordance with PHIPA and HIPA.


Have you have been Keylogged?

Have you have been Keylogged?Jan invested in a new computer. Excited with her new computer, she took it to a professional conference. Several months later, and much to her disbelief, someone has been accessing her computer records, without her knowledge. Jan has been Keylogged.How could this be possible? Jan has never shared her login credentials with anyone.This scenario is not only possible but occurs more frequently than most people are aware of. Jan may have unknowingly shared her login credentials at a conference when she used the hotel’s computer to access her PMS system.

Practice Management Software is for any company – myth or fact!

Practice Management Software is  for any company – myth or fact! “We are a mid-size company offering therapy and rehab services. We are considering whether a Practice Management Software will be useful to us and whether we can afford it. Currently, we use a combination of paper-based files, Google, Outlook, MS Word on our local network, where we also store reports and other documents. We use QuickBooks for Accounting. Our session notes are done on paper template forms. We have just started to scan and store these forms on the server. Oh, we also use the HCAI website to submit plans and invoices. What we do now works fine although an increasing number of our competitors have invested in a PMS Solution. Can we afford a Solution and how do we benefit?


Benefits of Skedulex Case & Practice Management

Skedulex Case & Practice Management  Software software is ranked as the best Electronic Health Record Software (EHR) for Therapy. Skedulex offers Therapists and health Care Workers flexibility, scalability and cost savings unmatched by traditional in-house systems. Here are three reasons for Why Skedulex outstanding ranking.First, Skedulex allows Therapists to work from anywhere – at home, the office, from a stakeholder meeting, a conference or vacation, practically from any location with an internet connection. Its web-based application also allows therapists to work in real-time mode. This flexibility increases productivity and efficiency.


Toronto – SkeduleX Cloud Service 2.0 Released

The introduction of Skedulex Cloud Service 2.0 has provided the Healthcare Therapy industry with greater flexibility and pricing options. “With Skedulex Cloud Service, our clients can now choose a solution that is most suited to their needs and budget: client hosted, cloud hosted or an on-site solution.”With our pay-as-you-go model there are no large, upfront investments in hardware or software. Since Skedulex Cloud Service s a fully integrated solution, most companies pay very little for customization charges, making Skedulex Cloud Service affordable. We save you time, money and eliminate most of the common challenges associated with upgrading your software or a new installation.


HCAI takes a major step toward optimization and compliance

HCAI is set to take a major step toward optimization and compliance with the addition of its first form, Form 1 (Assessment of Attendant Care Needs). OCF18 and OCF21 were introduced initially.Form 1 is completed by a designated health care practitioner and submitted to the auto insurance company on behalf of a person injured in a motor vehicle accident (the claimant) for qualified personal care expenses incurred. Form 1 is slated to be added to HCAI system as an available OCF form this fall.The outdated and costly Form 1 processCurrently, the preparation and submission of Form 1 poses a number of challenges for health care facilities (HCFs) and insurance companies alike.


Health Service Providers’ Compliance “unacceptable” – FSCO

The Financial Services Commission of Ontario, FSCO,  issued a stern warning to Health Service Providers, last week, calling compliance levels in the sector “unacceptable”, and threatening to take punitive actions against offending organizations. Such actions could include monetary penalties, suspension, or license revocation.In its newsletter to the sector, FSCO said its “Findings from the Financial Services Commission of Ontario’s (FSCO’s) 2015/16 on-site examinations show a 15 per cent full compliance rate for the health service provider sector, which FSCO considers to be unacceptable.” By comparison, other sectors regulated by FSCO maintain over 90 per cent compliance levels.