Case Management Software for Occupational Therapy

Skedulex Occupational Therapy Software is designed to manage an Occupational Therapy Practice for assessments and treatments. Skedulex empowers Occupational Therapists to manage their clients effectively and efficiently. A cloud-based Case Management Software with a Phone App and a Telehealth Platform providing users with anywhere, anytime access to clients’ records. An integrated Case Management Management system, Skedulex connects service providers, provides secure staff coordination, and a variety of management reports. See the Features page for more information.

What is Occupational Therapy?

Occupational Therapy is dedicated to assisting individuals to participate in the activities of daily living. Occupational Therapists (OTs) use a variety of techniques and strategies to achieve this goal. For example, a person who has suffered injuries through an accident may experience challenges with walking. An OT may use an assistive device, such as a wheelchair to move the injured person around, or teach her ways to walk using a cane or other assistive devices. A Therapy OT Software or a Therapy Occupational software is a software program used to Manage an Occupational Therapy Practice.

Many OTs are Mobile Therapists

Most OTs work in a mobile environment, moving from one location to another, helping clients with normal daily living within their home environs. This type of work mode makes it difficult for OTs to access their client files, keep track of tasks or work with paper charts.

As an OT, the primary goal is to help clients improve their lives, be it that they are recovering from injuries, cognitive disabilities or emotional problems. Unfortunately, the rigours of working in a mobile environment and onerous administrative tasks limit the time OTs spend engaging clients. To overcome these challenges, Occupational Therapists need a web-based Case Management Software with EHR and HCAI, and that is accessible from anywhere and at any time.

The Ultimate Cloud-Based Occupational Therapy Software 

Skedulex Case Management software for Occupational Therapists was developed as an integrated Electronic Health Record Solution (EHR) to empower therapists to manage their practice and clients. Skedulex is a complete case management solution featuring contact management, scheduling, reminders and task management, documentation, document storage, secure file transfer, billing and reporting, telehealth, reports,  all in one software…making Skedulex the ideal Occupational Therapist Clinic Software. To this line up of benefits, we add Skedulex Phone App and Skedulex Video Meet Telehealth programs.

Skedulex Mobile is integrated with Skedulex Case Management Solution for a complete and secure case management system. Skedulex Mobile keeps your service providers connected with your office, provides real-time file updates, accurate billing information. More, it improves the security of your clients’ information.

Video Meet is a Telehealth App for counsellors, therapists, rehab specialists and anyone wishing to meet virtually. Skedulex Video Meet is integrated with Skedulex Case Management Software for a complete and secure Telehealth solution, hosted in Canada. Video Meet works on most browsers, Apple and Android devices. Built with an end-to-end encryption, Video Meet complies with the requirements of PIPEDA and provincial regulations. Video Meet is easy to use. Schedule your video meeting in three quick steps or email a real-time meeting invitation to your client, who clicks on your email-link and connects with you.

Skedulex is a Cloud-based Case Management Software with EHR and HCAI

Skedulex offers Occupational Therapists flexibility, scalability and cost-savings unmatched by traditional in-house systems or Physical Therapy software. Skedulex allows Occupational Therapists to work from anywhere – at home, the office, a conference or vacation, practically from any location – with an internet connection. As a cloud-based application, Skedulex empowers therapists to work in real-time mode, fully connected to the office and with other therapists in the field. This flexibility increases productivity and efficiency. Skedulex integrated tools simplify your record-keeping and billing system, improves overall accuracy and accountability. As an integrated HCAI billing software, Skedulex offers full OCF plan tracking with line-by-line balances, OCF and Form 1 validation and submission. Request a FREE Demo and see why Skedulex Case Management Software with EHR and HCAI is considered best-in-class for Occupational Therapy.

A scalable and affordable EHR software

As a cloud-based Case Management Software, Skedulex can be set up with a minimal investment of time and money. You do not have to invest in servers or server software and maintenance, back-up software or disaster recovery systems. Skedulex EHR Software takes care of these compliance essentials. In addition to automatic backups, Skedulex users automatically receive free software upgrades, updates and support for life. Imagine never having to worry about backups and updates.

An integrated Occupational Therapy Billing Software

Third, Skedulex is a feature-rich solution that combines EHR and documentation, scheduling, task management and reminders, document storage, billing and reports for an end-to-end therapists’ experience. Skedulex’s integration with several best-of-class programs, such as QuickBooks, Microsoft Office, HCAI, eSend, provides for an intuitive and consummate management experience. While Skedulex has its own billing system, we can integrate it with QuickBooks for greater efficiency, if you are using QuickBooks. Our QuickBooks integration saves time by transferring all your billing to QuickBooks at the push of a button. Save Hours every month! Request a FREE DEMO! See why Skedulex is ranked as the best Web-Based Occupational Therapy Software for OTs. It is easy to see why so many OTs have chosen Skedulex as their Occupational Therapy billing software.  Therapy Occupational 

Best HCAI Tracking Software

Skedulex allows you to centralize some of your HCAI tasks, like billing. Centralization allows to you take advantage of collaboration amongst clinicians, specialization or to benefit of economy of scale. 

HCAI is complicated, time-consuming and can be challenging for many companies and therapists. Skedulex Case Management Software with EHR and HCAI provides comprehensive tracking of HCAI plans (OCF-18, OCF-23, OCF-1) and invoices (OCF-21B and OCF-21C). Tracking includes adjuster responses, sessions approved or denied, sessions completed, time and dollars billed, plan and code balances, etc. Skedulex replaces spreadsheet tracking and saves hours each month. Enjoy the most complete HCAI Software in Ontario with Skedulex Web-Based Case Management Solution.

Exceptional service is all about the clients. Skedulex allows OTs to do just that. OTs provide exceptional service to their clients, while Skedulex provides information at any time from anywhere, with full compliance and security. Even more, Skedulex is easy to learn and use!