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Healthcare administration is changing rapidly with the advent of integrated, web-based Electronic Health Record (HR) Solution and new compliance rules. EHR Solutions have changed the ratio of support staff required in health care companies by automating standardized tasks, integrating data across programs and improving data collection and analysis. At the same time, EHR Solutions have come down in price while expanding options and applications. SaaS pricing has allowed small and mid-range companies to invest in EHR solutions, once only affordable to large companies.

In Today’s increasingly complex and competitive health services delivery environment, health care providers must be efficient, flexible and robust. Patchworks of disparate electronic and paper-based systems, while doing the job, are sure to incur higher levels of support costs. Entering the same information in 2, 3 or 5 places, for instance, costs more money. Exposed PHI information represents an increased risk, considered by some privacy advocates to be among the top five company business risks.

The solution: A cloud-based integrated Electronic Health Record Software or sometimes referred to as a Case Management Software. There are many systems available on the market to choose from. Cost is perhaps the most commonly asked question and consideration. Decision Makers must look beyond the monthly fees, to total costs of acquiring and using the system. Equally important are the non-financial benefits of an EHR solution. Good data integrity, security, and compliance practices are added insurance to your business. The ability to generate high quality and timely reports is icing on the cake.

Selecting the best EHR is one of the most important considerations you will make in your business. It is work a decent investment of time and effort. Investing in a good EHR pays dividends!

Comparing Skedulex Case Management Solution to other solutions is an excellent place to start your CMS investigation.

kedulex Case Management Software is an innovative web-based solution that is intuitive and easy to use. It caters to clinical and community-based practices of all sizes, ranging from a single discipline in one location to multi-discipline in several locations. It is widely used in Occupational Therapy, Speech Therapy, Counseling, Psychology, Rehab, Physical Therapy, Social Work, Psychotherapy, Home Care, Med-Legal and IE Assessments.

Skedulex empowers you to work from anywhere. End-to-end client management – you can easily schedule clients; create, submit and track HCAI plans; store patient documents; communicate with clinic and field staff; managing accounts and receivables, use customized reports to enhance understanding of your business and much more. More, we back Skedulex with a full-service approach – we configure Skedulex to your business requirements, train your staff to use it efficiently and provide you with exceptional support.

Platform Benefits Comments
Skedulex is a Microsoft  Certified product Product certification and performance Baylaan is a Microsoft Certified Partner
Skedulex is cloud based software No server or costly maintenance No data backup; no capital expenditure No Log-me-in or Remote Desktop Pay as you use; access from any location
Data Backup; Program updates Done automatically; saves time; minimizes technical issues Backup includes an additional Disaster Recovery back in case the first backup is incomplete.
Skedulex – Markham-based company Face to Face meetings On-site training More effective compared to near shore or offshore companies
2016 Platform – Multi-thread capabilities; 64 Bit Faster, more efficient and adopts to interoperable platforms Efficient operations
Microsoft Dot Net, Microsoft Foundation and Microsoft SQL Proven technology  and unparalleled support from Microsoft Same platform as HCAI, TELUS Health, OHIP, CCAC
Configured to your business process  Limited process change; easy to adopt and work with, easy to learn Most other software require you to modify your process to suit their software.
Scalable, Available and Secure Grow your business without a larger upfront capital investment Easy to locations, add staff
Multi-disciplinary; multi-location Easy to add disciplines or location Setup multi-location as one or multiple companies

Security Benefits Comments
Secure Login – SSL 1024 encryption Secure login NO third-party login program
Document encryption – AES Protects documents stored on computers Highly recommended
Secure login Disallow login from public computers  
Disaster recovery Allows you to recover data is disaster situations Second backup done in a different location
Audit Trail Compliance with proposed EPHIPA legislation Ontario
Data located in Canada No jurisdiction problems When your data is stored in another Jurisdiction, it is subject to the laws of that Jurisdiction.
Hosted in a Tier 3 data centre Highest level of security 99.5% uptime guarantee
Restricted Provider access Limits provider access to their assigned records and documents This would become a compliance issue
Lockbox – for secured reports Compliance with HIPA legislation  

Integrations Benefits Comments
HCAI  – OCF 18, 23, 21B/ C Saves time – no Excel sheet tracking Better service Outcomes – informed Therapists Monitors plan balances by totals as by individual treatment codes
Microsoft Office Saves time ; increases efficiency; Drag and drop emails, letters, reports, etc.
Secure File Transfer Send files to 3rd parties securely  Compliance with EPHIPA
QuickBooks Saves time ; increases efficiency and accuracy No double entries
Open Office Saves time ; increases efficiency; This is a free program
Document Storage (encrypted) Find all your client emails, documents, reports in one place- client file. No file-folder stored on a C drive.
Phone App Everyone uses a smart phone today. Why not use it to access your client data easily and securely.This latest addition to Skedulex empowers therapists.  

AS a final step in comparing Skedulex, ask for a FREE Demo of Skedulex Case Management Solution! See for yourself.

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