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Frequently Asked Questions about Skedulex

Skedulex Case Management Software is a customizable, web-based solution that is easy to use but rich in features. It caters to clinical and community-based practices of all sizes, ranging from a single discipline in one location to multi-discipline in several locations. If you have additional Questions about Skedulex, please contact us.



Skedulex is an Integrated solution – Mobile, HCAI, EHC, Payroll, QuickBooks


Q: Can I use Skedulex on my mobile devices?
A: Skedulex Mobile is a mobile application for community-based therapists using Apple and Android devices. Skedulex Mobile connects your office with your community-based staff – scheduling, messaging and instructions, visit verification, payroll and more.


Q: Is Skedulex HCAI compliant?
A: Yes! Skedulex is fully compliant with HCAI. You may create and submit OCF 18, OCF 23 plans, and OCF 21 invoices in using templates. Skedulex provides you with up-to-date HCAI responses, periodic reports and drill-down options for follow-ups. Skedulex monitors your treatment plans providing real time balances, on a line-by-line basis.


Q: Is Skedulex integrated with EHC?
A: Our EHC integration, for electronic submission of invoices, will be ready in 2018 through the TELUS Health Portal. We can also generate and prefill insurance forms at your request.


Q: Is Skedulex integrated with Microsoft Office or Open Office?
A: Skedulex is integrated with both Microsoft Office and Open Office. You may drag and drop emails from Outlook or any Microsoft program.


Q: Is Skedulex integrated with QuickBooks?
A: Skedulex is integrated with QuickBooks online. This integration saves time and increases accuracy by eliminating duplication of entries.


Q: Can I store emails, documents, excel spreadsheets, images, etc.  in Skedulex?
A: Yes! You may store any type of documents or files to Skedulex. Skedulex has a sorting system that allows you to find documents and items easily.


Q: Can Skedulex take care of my scheduling?
A: Yes! Skedulex has a full scheduling system: internal and external providers and rooms.  Our multi-location scheduler is also equipped with a mapping tool that allows you to locate and select the best providers for an assignment.


Q: Do you have a Secure Document Transfer Service?
A: Yes! Skedulex is integrated with eSend, a Secured Document Transfer program. You may use eSend to send and receive sensitive documents quickly and easily.


Q: How do I benefit from your Client Notification System?
A: Skedulex’s Client Notification System automatically notifies or reminds your clients of their appointments. The notification can be sent via email, text message, or phone.  Each notification/reminder is stored in Skedulex.


Q: Do you have a Web-based referral service?
A: Skedulex has a fully integrated web-based referral service. Your vendor may submit your referrals to you directly into Skedulex. This service is configured for each client.


Q: do you have system to track contractor or employee payroll?
A: Yes! Skedulex has a built-in Payroll module that keeps track of billable and non-billable time. Get real time reports on therapy hours, driving time, driving distance and product and supplied.


Financial, Reporting and Productivity Questions about Skedulex


Q: How will my client invoicing be done?
A: Skedulex has a full financial module including billing, receivable managements and reports. HCAI invoicing are done directly in Skedulex and submitted to HCAI. In addition, Skedulex is integrated with QuickBooks which provide full accounting functionalities.


Q: Can Skedulex accommodate multi-disciplinary treatments and billing?

A: Yes! Skedulex is built for both single and multi-disciplinary centres. You may bill your multi-disciplinary assessments or treatments in one or several billing.


Q: How is QuickBooks integration an advantage to me?
A: QuickBooks integration is an advantage in several ways. First, each invoice or payment process through Skedulex is automatically transferred to QuickBooks. Second, have all of your income and expenses in one place for easy tracking. Third, enjoy the benefits of a full accounting program. No Excel files to lose! No duplicate invoicing entry into your accounting program! The benefits: reduced workload and increased accuracy.


Q: Do you have a batch billing functionality?

A: Yes! Skedulex has a batch billing module that automates your billing process.


Q: Does Skedulex have a reporting module?
A: Yes! Skedulex has a full reporting module. In addition to the pre-packaged reports provided, you may design and run any number of reports.

Q: Can Skedulex generate my letters?
A: Yes! Skedulex can generate most of your standard letters to Lawyers, Adjusters, Claimants, Employers and Doctors. Once your template is created, this process takes less than 60 seconds to generate a personalised letter.


Q: Does Skedulex have reminders and alerts?
A: Yes! Skedulex is built to manage your workflow from intake to the final invoicing.  Our dashboards provide guidance and/or reminders of missing or outstanding information, procedures, requirements, etc.


Q: Can Skedulex manage my treatments program?
A: Yes! Skedulex has a Treatment Manager that tracks your treatment plans, facilitates scheduling and provides up-to-date information on the plan. You may also run and print a treatment report.


Q: Can I do clinical notes or charting in Skedulex?
A: Yes! Skedulex has a full SOAP /Clinical /Progress module.


Technical Questions about Skedulex – installation, scalability, mobile access


Q: I run a unique practice, can Skedulex be customized to meet my needs?
A:  Yes! Skedulex is easily customizable to meet the requirements of different workflows.


Q: Currently, I am using another software. Can you migrate my data?

A:  We provide data migration services. Please speak with our technical department.


Q: How is Skedulex licensed?
A:  Each user requires a licence.  There are no restrictions on the number of devices.


Q: Is Skedulex Web-based or locally installed?
A: Skedulex is designed using Dot Net Technology and Microsoft SQL. We provide a Hosted Solution with all the advantages of cloud computing.  We do not install locally.


Q: Do I need a server and network?
A: No! You do not require a server or a network for our hosted solution. Ask us about a common network drive if you wish to share files outside of Skedulex.


Q: What are the operating system requirements?
A: Skedulex runs Windows 7 or 8.1 or 10. We recommend an i5 or i7 computer for optimal performance. Skedulex is optimized to run on 1024×768 resolutions or higher. You may run Skedulex on any Windows-based PC. Skedulex may run on MACs using Parallels and Windows.


Q: How much disk space and memory do I need to install your software?
A: We recommend that each computer running Skedulex has at least 2G of free disk space. At least 4GB of RAM is required;         6GB is recommended for optimal performance.


Q: Do you provide daily data backup?
A: Yes! We provide full data back-up every day and retain a running backups for 30 days. You always have 30-days backup.


Q: Do you provide for disaster recovery?
A: Yes! We provide full data back-up and disaster recovery.


Q: Can I access my files, run reports when I am outside of the office?
A: Yes! We provide secured access to Skedulex from any licensed computer with high speed internet connection. You have the same role-based security that applies in the office to any external login.


Q: I have 3 locations and would like to centralize some functions. Is this possible?
A: Yes! Skedulex is built for centers with multiple locations. You may centralize any number of administrative functions: Accounting, HCAI, WSIB, scheduling, reports, etc.


Q: Is Skedulex Scalable?
A: Skedulex is fully scalable and can accommodate hundreds of locations and users.


Q: What is the amount of data I can enter into the system?
A: There are no limits to the amount of data that can be entered. As a full Electronic Medical Records’ EMR or (EHR) system, Skedulex is designed to store all your clients’ data.


Q: Can I download and test Skedulex?
A: No! Unlike most generic scheduling software, Skedulex has to be configured for your centre or clinic. The standard setup takes 3-5 weeks to configure and optimize the program for your environment.


Q: As a user, can I configure Skedulex?
A: Yes! You have the option to configure or personalise some screens: your calendar, dashboards and screen colour.  Call our technical department for information on further customization.


Service Questions about Skedulex – Data migration, backups, installation, free training, consulting


Q: Are you the developer of Skedulex or are you just marketing the product?
A: We designed and developed Skedulex from the ground up. Our team of specialists spent considerable time researching, designing, developing, reviewing and testing the program. We are committed to making Skedulex the standard for the industry.


Q: How do I transfer my patient data from my existing software to Skedulex?
A: Our IT department will safely migrate your data to Skedulex. Once the migration is complete, you will be ready to begin working with your new software and your existing client data.


Q: How long does it take to have Skedulex Installed?
A: The initial installation of Skedulex will depend on the complexity of the centre, data migration and customization needs. The recommended lead time can vary from a few days to a few month, depending on complexity and availability.


Q: How much training do you provide?
A: We provide 2-3 sessions of training with each installation of Skedulex. Additional training can be arranged at no cost. Further, we also provide video-based training. Our Help Desk is also available for telephone or computer aided assistance during regular office hours.


Q: Do you provide consulting services?
A: We provide consulting services in software, marketing, business intelligence and business process.

If you have additional questions about Skedulex, contact us.

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