Skedulex Features

Skedulex is loaded with program benefits derived from hundreds of features, some 420 of which are configurable.

We give you with the tools to provide efficient, end-to-end client care in clinical and community settings.

Database Management

SkeduleX organizes your client and contact databases in an efficient and easy-to-use manner. Find any contact in your system in seconds.

Workflow Management

SkeduleX organizes your clients into workflows (i.e. MVA, Med-Legal, Private). Each workflow has a number of logical steps and a corresponding invoicing process that simplify your client management. Enjoy higher productivity and efficiency.

Treatment Manager

The Treatment Manager helps you to manage your treatment plans effectively. It keeps track of your plans, sessions completed and remaining. You are advised at each booking of the remaining number of sessions remaining in the plan.


Preparing letters, reports and referrals are daily tasks that can be very time consuming. Having a mail-merge system that helps you prepare letters, reports and referrals save hours every week, while producing consistent, accurate and professional documents.

Go Paperless

Electronic Medical Record (EMR) is an efficient, cost-effective way to manage clients’ information. SkeduleX stores files, reports, forms, notes, emails, and provides you with instant access to client’s records from any location. The integrity of your records is protected by our role-based and audit trail, encrypted for security, and backed-up for disaster recovery.

SOAP & Session Notes

Session notes are a critical and crucial component of effective treatment. SkeduleX helps you to write, organize, store, review and retrieve your session notes securely and safely. Currently, we provide SOAP and Progress formats. Additionally, SkeduleX can facilitate your custom format or template.


Integrated Calendar

SkeduleX has one of the most powerful calendars in the industry, boasting full integration with every area of your client records, documentation and clinical notes. Our multi-disciplinary, multi-location calendar is easy to use and can be access from any location.

Book Any Resource

You may book internal and external resources – medical practitioners, therapists, clinicians, transportation, interpretation services or a room – quickly and efficiently. You may centralize booking for multiple offices for efficiency or functional specialization.

Reduce Missed Appointments

You may elect to send an automatic email confirmation to a client or a therapists each time you book an appointment. An email reminder to the client may also be sent. Reduce your missed appointments.

Seamless Navigation

Enjoy seamless navigation to any area of your client file from your calendar. In addition to booking or editing appointments, you may add session notes, do a mail-merge, add a reminder, etc., all done effortlessly.

More calendar features

  • Wait list management
  • Recurring booking
  • Copy appointment
  • Add service location
  • Add OCF charge
  • Create & print invoices
  • Colour coding
  • Calendar search
  • Reminder management
  • Record payments
  • Merge letters
  • Email reminders

Task Management

Alerts and Reminders

Alerts and Reminders helps you and your staff to stay on top of critical tasks.You don’t need a separate reminder system. All Alerts and Reminders are recorded in your system for proper accountability and tracking.

HCAI Tracking with FORM 1

Skedulex provides comprehensive tracking of HCAI Plans and invoices. Tracking includes: Adjuster responses, sessions approved or denied, sessions completed, time and dollars billed, plan and code balances, etc. Replace your spreadsheet tracking and save hours each month. Our new Form 1 is fully integrated, easy to use and saves time, and saves all your information in one place.

Working with Letters

Preparing and editing letters, reports and emails are daily tasks in any health care business. SkeduleX integration with Microsoft Office and Open Office makes these tasks easier and more efficient.

Send Referrals Easily

Healthcare organizations are constantly referring clients to other organizations. Referral Forms take time to prepare and send out. SkeduleX prepares your customized Referral Form with an option to send a PDF version to an organization of your choice. Save time and look professional.

Working with Reports

Preparing and editing reports are daily tasks in any health care business. SkeduleX Editor is a built-in Document Editor that allows you to edit a document without leaving SkeduleX. It fast, efficient and easy-to-use. SkeduleX Editor is a time-saver.

Secure File Transfer

Transferring PHI data securely is not an option but a compliance requirement. SkeduleX has teamed up with eSEND Secure File Transfer to bring you the best File Transfer technology. eSend is integrated with SkeduleX and allows you to send sensitive PHI information without leaving SkeduleX. Additionally, confirmation and notifications of files sent and received are stored in SkeduleX.

Billing and Reports


SkeduleX invoicing is simple, accurate and efficient. We setup your invoicing system, codes, prices and any special requirements. Whether your invoices are managed by admin staff in a centralized environment or individually by therapists, we have a solution for you. SkeduleX is integrated with HCAI for direct invoicing.

Third Party Invoicing

Third Party invoicing is made easy in SkeduleX. This invoicing process is setup during the initial configuration and done in consultation with you. Invoicing options and approaches are quite flexible. Ask us!


In many instances, companies prepare a payroll record on a separate spreadsheet and reconcile it with invoicing data for every payroll period. This approach is time-consuming and can have errors, from time-to-time. SkeduleX Payroll solves these challenges and produces an accurate payroll report for every pay period. Save hours doing your payroll! Ask us!

Receivable Management

Managing Receivables is a crucial activity of any business. Skedulex makes receivable management easy with easy access to dashboards and aged reports. No more Excel spreadsheets to reconcile! Financial and Receivables management are  primary Skedulex features.

Reports and analysis

Operational and Business Intelligence reports are critical to the success of any business.We provide a number of standard reports with each installation of SkeduleX. We can build any report you need. “If you can draw it, we can build it”, is our motto.

Data Warehousing

Larger organizations have ongoing needs to amalgamate and produce reports from different sources. SkeduleX Data Warehouse is designed to do just that and to produce a variety of reports for the company.

QuickBooks Integration

Many businesses create invoices in one program only to re-enter the information into an accounting program such as QuickBooks. This double entry of information is both time-consuming and can produce some errors. SkeduleX is integrated with QuickBooks and pushes all of the invoicing and payment data into QuickBooks, saving a lot of time in the process. Our single invoicing system is fast and efficient. No more Excel spreadsheets to reconcile!

MVA Billing

Skedulex features a full HCAI Integration that saves many hours of admininistrative time each month. Store all your billing information and supporting documentation in one location for easy access, security, monitoring and tracking.

  • Plan creation and submission using Templates and Drafts.
  • Line-by-line plan tracking; No overbilling; No spreadsheet tracking.
  • Optional Provider posting with supervisory verification capabiliies.
  • Plan Monitoring and Plan exhustion notification (80%).
  • Contractor / Payroll integration.

Med-Legal Billing

Skedulex also features a Med-Legal module for companies that engage in Med-lagal services, including Protected Accounts.

  • Service tracking
  • Invoice to Lawyers
  • Tracking of Med-Lagal accounts and balances
  • Med-Legal Reports