SkeduleX Home Care

SkeduleX Home Care Software is a fully integrated software solution developed for management of RSWs and PSWs. From referrals to final invoice, SkeduleX Home Care Software manage every aspect of your workflow, including scheduling, tracking, digital storage, reports, payroll and invoicing. SkeduleX Home Care Software provides you with a 360 degree view of operation, timely alerts and high quality information for effective management of your clients.Manage your organization from SkeduleX. No more cut and paste from one software to another. No duplicate entries or parallel spreadsheets.

psw home care in home

Skedulex Home Care Software provides Real-time tracking of your PSW’s or RSWs job attendance, allowing you to provide high quality service to your clients. Sync your invoices to QuickBooks and save hours every month.

Skedulex is comprehensive yet flexible. Every installation is configured to meet your specific workflow requirements. Should you request a specific feature we don’t already have in place, we would be delighted to customize it for you.

Skedulex Home Care Software helps you to manage your staff and clients more efficiently.

  • Real Time scheduling enables you to communicate with your PSWs/RSWs’ without phone calls – a time saver.
  • Real Time tracking of your PSWs/RSWs’ job attendance helps you to provide high quality service to your clients.
  • Automatic computation of payroll time saves hours of administration and improves overall payroll accuracy.

PSW Job Notes allow PSWs to communicate clearly and efficiently with the Office on job challenges, client requests, etc.

Manage your RSWs and PSWs using real-time tracking!