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Form 1 or Assessment of Attendant Care Needs is scheduled for released on Skedulex Case Management Software on Monday, October 1st, to co-inside with the Release of HCAI’s 3.20. Health Care Facilities that are enrolled with Skedulex will be able to submit Form 1 to insurers electronically through the HCAI system. If your facility is not using Skedulex Case Management Software, you may use another Case Management System (CMS) that is integrated with HCAI or the HCAI web channel.


What is form 1 Assessment of Attendant Care Needs?

Form 1 is a mandatory form, in Ontario, used to report the need for attendant care resulting from an automobile accident. It identifies the claimant’s need for routine personal care, basic supervisory functions, and complex health, care and hygiene functions. An Occupational Therapist or Registered Nurse, who assesses the needs of the applicant, must complete and sign the Form 1. The completed Form 1 is then submitted to the claimant’s auto insurance company via the HCAI system. HCAI is yet to provide an invoice for Form 1; thus, Invoices for attendant care services must continue to be submitted directly to the insurance company and be processed outside of the HCAI system.

Starting October 1, 2018, all facilities enrolled with HCAI must submit Form 1 to insurers electronically, using either a case management system (CMS) that is integrated with HCAI, or the HCAI web channel. Health Care Facilities and regulated health professionals that are not already enrolled with HCAI but wishing to use the system now that Form 1 is becoming mandatory are encouraged to enrol with HCAI. Additional information on the HCAI enrolment process can be found on the HCAI or FSCO website.

Health Care Facilities may submit additional comments and attachments, in support of their Form 1 application, to the insurer. Such information may be provided under the Additional Comments section (TAB 7) or via additional attachment(s) sent to the insurer via fax or mail.

When is Form 1 required ?

A Form 1 or Assessment of Attendant Care Needs is required when an injured claimant applies for attendant care (AC) benefits in accordance with the Statutory Accident Benefits Schedule (SABS) S. 42(1). The Form 1 may only be prepared by specified regulated health professionals (Occupational Therapist or Registered Nurse ) as described in S. 42 (1) (b) and is to be used for accidents that occur on or after March 31, 2008. To learn more about the Form 1, refer to the Attendant Care Hourly Rate Guideline, which can be found on this link:


Preparing Form 1 with Skedulex saves time

Using Skedulex to prepare and submit Form 1 saves time, improves accuracy and overall efficiency. First, Skedulex prefills many of the fields in Form 1, with information extracted from the client and case files. Second, Skedulex provides the option for electronic professional signatures. Third, Skedulex will perform a number of calculations on the form. Forth, Skedulex performs a scrubbing or validation process on the information entered on the form, checking for missing or inconsistent data. Fifth, the user may save the form 1 for review or submit the form via HCAI.  Finally, the Form 1 is stored in the client file where it can be easily retrieved and reviewed.

Form 1 integration into Skedulex is similar to the OCF-18 plan. The preparation and submission of Form 1 through the HCAI system is very similar to the OCF-18 submission. We will be providing a scheduled training to all Skedulex users following the official launch by HCAI.


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