Skedulex Mobile

Connected. Integrated. Efficient.
Communicate in real time with your support workers in the field without having to make phone calls or send emails or text messages. Skedulex Mobile empowers your PSWs and RSWs to access their client info and schedules on the go. Skedulex Mobile runs on any Android or IPhone phone. All communications are secured and all data are stored in Skedulex. Empower your office and reduce admin time


  • Office may book and communicate appointments, instructions or notes to support worker
  • Office may receive support worker’s feedback, notes and confirmation of attendance.
  • Support worker may submit clinical notes to the client file in real time.
  • Office or support worker may view support worker’s timesheet at any point.
  • Office may print support worker timesheet and payroll report as needed.
  • Skedulex tracks and codes daily visits for billing.

Benefits to office

  • Saves time on scheduling as all bookings are managed from Skedulex.
  • Saves admin time on calling, emailing or texting support worker. 
  • Improve accuracy and efficiency of communications with support workers.
  • Receive real-time confirmation of support worker’s timely attendance to appointments.
  • Receive support worker’s appointment notes or clinical notes in client files.
  • Process payroll more efficiently – no paper timesheets
  • Manage allocation of hours more effectively.
  • Simple login and easy to learn Skedulex mobile.

Benefits to support worker

  • Easy access to client information i.e. phone #, address, special information.
  • Easy access all scheduling, scheduling changes, instructions or notes on phone.
  • Can remit appointment or clinical notes to the office directly – no paper records.Marks appointment attendance – Skedulex mobile keeps timesheet, no paper records.
  • Access timesheet information at any time.