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Baylaan Technologies Inc. is pleased to announce the release of Skedulex Phone Application, a Mobile App for counsellors, therapists, rehab specialists, and home care workers.

Skedulex Phone App connects with Skedulex Case Management Software for a complete and secure case management solution. Skedulex App keeps your service providers connected with your office, provides real-time file updates, Electronic Visit Verification with timely and accurate billing information. Even more, it improves the security of your clients’ information and your service staff.

Skedulex Phone App operates in a hands free environment, helping therapists to comply with new mobile phone laws. Specifically the App assists users to call or navigate clients by just tapping the appropriate icon. i.e. to make a call, tap the appropriate phone number or to navigate to a client address, tap on the client address, and the App will open Google Maps and set your navigation.

Skedulex Phone App allows you to book, edit and view appointments, create, edit and view notes, clinical notes and
Skedulex Mobile Application Screens

Skedulex Phone App Features 

  • View Calendar
  • Book and view Appointment
  • Create, edit and view Reminder
  • Create and edit Admin Notes
  • Create and edit SOAP/ Clinical Notes
  • View Timesheet
  • Hands-Free Map directions
  • Hands-Free client calling

Benefits of Skedulex Phone App to the Office

  • A more complete and secure record keeping system.
  • Records all appointments in your clients’ file.
  • Saves time on scheduling and communication with staff.
  • Records all notes and reminders in your clients’ file.
  • Improve accuracy and efficiency of communications with service providers.
  • Records all clinical notes in your clients’ file.
  • Process payroll more efficiently – no paper timesheets. 
  • Receive real-time confirmation of timely attendance to appointments.
  • Electronic Visit Verification for FSCO compliance.
  • Improved security and compliance.

Benefits of Skedulex Phone App to Service Providers

  • Simple login and easy to use Skedulex Mobile.
  • Easy access to information i.e. phone #, address, appointment notes, etc.
  • Access to calendar and appointments.
  • Easy access all scheduling, scheduling changes, instructions or notes.
  • Can record admin notes and reminders.
  • Can record clinical notes.
  • Can mark attendance – Skedulex mobile keeps timesheet – no paper records.
  • Access to timesheet information at any time – no paper records.
  • Hands-Free Google Map Directions to client address
  • Hands-Free phone dialing to client phone


  • IPhone, IPAD, Android Smart Phone, updated Android Tablet.
  • Phone data or WIFI data

Baylaan Technologies is a leading provider of software solutions to organizations seeking a competitive advantage, improved security and compliance. As builders of mission-critical software systems since 1999, we exceed expectations by consistently delivering high quality, reliable solutions backed by service excellence. Baylaan is a Canadian Company with its head office located in Markham, Ontario and offers services across Canada.

Skedulex Case Management Software, our flagship software, is widely used in Counselling, Psychology, Occupational Therapy, Speech Therapy, Rehab, Physical Therapy, Social Work, Psychotherapy, Home Care, Med-Legal and IE Assessments.

We build to business requirements.  “You describe it and we will build it”

Baylaan Technologies Inc.
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Where to find Skedulex Phone App


Apple:     Go to IOS App store and search for
Skedulex Phone App

Call us at 905-202-4716 to get connected!

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