Social Work Software

SkeduleX Case Management software has attracted the Social Work community across Canada making it the Social Work software of choice. SkeduleX offers Social Workers the flexibility to work from anywhere, while accessing data in real time mode. As a single entry system that is integrated with several commonly used programs, Skedulex Case Management Software offers time savings unmatched by traditional in-house systems or Therapy software. Here are three reasons for SkeduleX outstanding ranking as a Social Work Software or for Social Work billing Software.

Work from anywhere and at anytime

First, Skedulex empowers Social Workers to work from anywhere – at home, the office, at a client’s home, from a stakeholder meeting, a conference or vacation, practically from any location with an internet connection. It is a web-based software that also allows counsellors to work in real-time, secure mode. Thus, as a Social Worker, you are able to access and update your client data, add a progress note or set a task reminder, all while you are meeting with the client. These features increase productivity and efficiency.

A web-based system

Second, as a web-based system, SkeduleX can be setup with minimal investment of time and money. A Social Worker practice do not have to invest in servers or server software and maintenance, back-up software or disaster recovery systems. These features are all packaged in Skedulex. In addition to automatic backups, SkeduleX users automatically receive free software upgrades, updates and support for life. Imagine never having to worry about data backups and software updates.

An integrated practice management system

Third, as a Case or Practice Management System, Skedulex is a feature rich solution that combines scheduling, task management and reminders, EMR and documentation, document storage, billing and reports for an end-to-end therapists’ experience. SkeduleX’s integration with several best-of-class programs, such as QuickBooks, Microsoft Office, HCAI, eSend, provides for an intuitive and consummate management experience. It is easy to see why so many RSW companies have chosen Skedulex SW software for their Social Work Practice.

Here is what Fiona Smith Bradley said about SkeduleX.

“SkeduleX has been instrumental in allowing us to streamline our office inefficiencies for billing, particularly for our interactions with HCAI [HCAI Software]. The ability to track amounts approved and remaining on treatment plans saves our clinicians a great deal of time. Additionally, the ability to store our file information securely online allows for ease of access for clinicians working off site, as well as a very positive step in our goals for working in a paperless system. Finally, the employees at SkeduleX have consistently offered support to new employees, responding quickly to our requests and offering assistance in a very kind manner.”

Best Social Work EMR software

SkeduleX Case Management Software was developed for mobile healthcare providers and therapists looking for flexibility, security and ease of use. SkeduleX enhances these attributes with customization, training and solid support. It is the best EMR software for counselling and billing.

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