The Ultimate Software for Home Care Management - Skedulex HCS

Home Care is personalised care and includes general, skilled or specialised care that allows a person to live in their own home and enjoy a degree of independence. Home Care services vary widely may be grouped in four categories:

Homemaking – cleaning, yard work, and laundry, grocery shopping

Personal Care – bathing, getting dressed, haircare, getting in and out of the bed.

Dietary – cooking, preparing , organising or delivering meals

Health Care – Assistance with meds; wound treatments, insulin, etc.

There are several types of home care, each with a degree of specialisation and focus.

  • Elder Care
  • Dementia Care
  • Care for Chronic Conditions
  • Care for Degenerative disorders
  • After surgery Care

Caregivers in the Home Care setting are as diverse as the types of home care and services. These include:

  • Personal Support Workers (PSW)
  • Homemakers
  • Companions Aides
  • Rehabilitation Support Workers
  • Nurses
  • Physical Therapists (PT)
  • Occupational Therapists (OT)
  • Speech Therapists (ST)
  • Social Workers

Skedulex Practice Management software for Home Care is an integrated PMS for Home Care Operators to manage their practice, efficiently.  Skedulex Home Care offers client management, scheduling, task management and reminders, documentation, billing and management of PSWs and other home care attendants, all in a single software.

Skedulex offers Home Care Operators flexibility, scalability and cost savings unmatched by traditional in-house systems. Skedulex allows Home Care Operators to work from anywhere: home, office, conference or vacation, practically from any location with an internet connection. As a web based application, Skedulex empowers Home Care Operators to work in real-time mode. This flexibility increases productivity and efficiency. Skedulex is the mobile office that connects your administrative staff and home care staff. Yes, Skedulex is your mobile office!

Skedulex Home Care software is cost effective! As a web based Practice Management Solution for Home Care Operators, Skedulex can be setup with minimal investment of time and money. You do not have to invest in a server or server software and maintenance, back-up software or disaster recovery systems. In addition to automatic backups, Skedulex users automatically receive free software upgrades, updates, training and support for life. Imagine never having to worry about backups and updates. We work with you to setup your system, train your staff, and provide help-desk support – all at an affordable costs.

Skedulex is a feature-rich Home Care software that combines client management, scheduling, task management and reminders, documentation, staff management billing and payroll for an end-to-end Home Care experience. Skedulex is integrated with several best-of-class programs, such as QuickBooks, Microsoft Office, HCAI, eSend, all of which provide Home Care Operators with a single entry software that is simple, easy to use and saves time.

Skedulex empowers Home Care Operators to provide exceptional service to their clients, while enjoying secured access at anytime from anywhere, with full compliance and security. Even more, Skedulex is easy to learn and use! Skedulex is affordable!

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