Why choose a Speech Therapy Software?

A Speech Therapy software is a Practice Management Software or Electronic Health Record Software (EHR) designed to manage an (SLP) or Speech Therapy operation. A good Speech Therapy Software, such as Skedulex Web Based Practice Management Software, empowers speech therapists to manage their clients effectively and efficiently.

What is Speech and Language Therapy?

Speech and Language Therapy or Speech Therapy is a clinical program aimed at improving speech and language skills and oral motor abilities. Speech therapists also provide therapy for several conditions such as autism, cerebral palsy, hearing loss, developmental delays, etc. Speech therapists are trained, licensed individuals who would have completed a Master’s SLP Program at University, among other training.

SLPs are Mobile Therapists

Some SLPs work in a mobile environment, moving from one client location to another, providing service to clients within their home or work environment. This type of work mode makes it more difficult for SLPs to access and manage their clients’ files, keep track of tasks or work with paper charts. Unfortunately, the rigors of working in a mobile environment combine with tedious administrative tasks limit the time speech therapists spend in direct client engagement.

Skedulex PMS provide Speech Therapists with exceptional administrative tools

Skedulex PMS software was developed as an integrated EMR to empower therapists, especially speech therapists to manage their clinic and clients, efficiently. Skedulex is a consummate practice management solution, allowing SLPs to work from anywhere and at anytime. Such flexibility allows speech therapists to work at greater convenience and with improved outcomes for clients.

No server required for Skedulex PMS

Second, Skedulex Practice Management solution is setup at minimal investment of time and money. For starters, Skedulex PMS do not require a server or server software, server maintenance, back-up software or disaster recovery systems. Skedulex Software include all of these compliance essentials. In addition to automatic backups, Skedulex users receive free software upgrades, updates and support for life. Imagine never having to worry about backups and updates.

A speech therapy scheduling, billing and documentation software – all in one

Third, Skedulex is a feature-rich solution that combines speech therapy documentation, scheduling, and speech therapy billing software, all in one. As a full EMR, it also features task management and reminders, document storage, billing and reports for an end-to-end therapists’ experience. It is easy to see why so many SLPs have chosen Skedulex as their speech therapy billing software.

Best HCAI billing software

HCAI billing is complicated, time-consuming and can be challenging for many companies and speech therapists. Skedulex provides comprehensive tracking of HCAI plans and invoices. Tracking includes: Adjuster responses, sessions approved or denied, sessions completed, time and dollars billed, plan and code balances, etc. Skedulex save hours each month by replacing your spreadsheet. Enjoy the most complete HCAI Software in Ontario.